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What is Zoho ONE?

Zoho ONE is a software suite. It is described as the operating system for business. Zoho provides the entire suite, everything from your productivity, collaboration, sales, and marketing, to back office accounting. It started out focusing on small to midsize companies and now also attracts large enterprises. It's an ambitious vision in terms of the breadth and depth of services and a commitment to the reality that everything is moving to the cloud. Zoho is a cloud-based operating system for business.

Best of Breed

Several Zoho products are considered to be in the top of their category.  Zoho CRM, Project, Books, Campaigns, Recruit, etc., are all leading tools. And they are innovators in emerging technologies of AI (with Zia), Social and Web content creation.  The new Zoho Marketing Hub is a centralized application for creating and tracking email, social, and website content with intactive engagement.  Converse with visitors on your website as they visit.

Compare to SF or MS

Zoho is a lot easier to use compared to Salesforce or even Microsoft. You can get on to Zoho in seconds, sign up, and go. Also, customers can start with a highly economical engagement and scale up later. There are no annual contracts and you are never locked into longterm 3 to 5 year deals these companies often impose.

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Buell & Associates is an authorized Zoho Partner.  We can help explain why Zoho is a compelling solution for today's entrepreneur.

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Zoho One includes more than 45 integrated, online applications with complimentary mobile and native versions, along with many extensions and extras. All applications are fully-featured, enterprise editions, giving you everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more.
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