On-line or On-Premise CRM,  We have you covered.
On-Premise vs Claud.

Choosing a CRM for you business can be confusing.  With all the concern for privacy and security of the web, do you want to store your company data somewhere in the cloud.  Or do you want to spend the necessary dollars to host your CRM on your own servers?  If you industry is governed by regulations as to how your data is stored, or perhaps it is corporate policy, then the choices can be challenging.

We can help in this process by offering the best CRM Solutions for small and medium-sized business, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Act! has been a leader in CRM for 30 years and is still one of the best solutions if you need to keep your data internal and yet still have advanced marketing automation and mobile access.

Zoho CRM is the most affordable and compelling cloud-based CRM for businesses that prefer the flexibility of accessing their data from any device and anywhere.

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CRM solutions have changed as technology has changed over the years, from standalone systems to cloud based with integrated social media. 


Today, Customer Relationship Management encompasses sales, marketing, customer service and support. And it doesn't matter if you are a one-person shop, small business, or large enterprise; there are CRM solutions available at all levels.

Buell & Associates is based in Montreal, Canada but has clients throughout the global village. 

Buell & Associates specializes in Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Frank Buell, president of Buell & Associates, has been actively involved with CRM for over 25 years.

Marketing Automation is focused on driving cold leads into warm opportunities, and takes advantage of the cloud-based tools from traditional web sites, social media, analytics, and CRM databases.  Buell & Associates is a certified partner for SwiftPage Act! and Zoho CRM.