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Time to go paperless!
It's time to go paperless! FileManager™ for Act! delivers powerful features in a simple, affordable package that makes file management and organization a breeze.

FileManager for ACT! delivers powerful features in a simple, affordable package that makes file management and organization a breeze. Supports Act! 2011 or later.

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The power of Act! on your smartphone or tablet.
Handheld Contact for Act! makes it simple to go mobile with the power to wirelessly access and manage your Act!™ Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even if you have no Internet connection.
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Act! Version

ADD-ONS FOR ACT! V19/20/21

Act! v16/17 is a great product but you may find that it is missing functionalities that are important to you.  Exponenciel has developed the following add-ons to provide you with these important missing functionalities:

  • ACT! Calendar To Excel
  • ACT! List View Manager
  • Additional Alarm Lead Times
  • Advanced Activity Window
  • Advanced Do Not Call Lookup
  • Advanced Dropdown Lists
  • Advanced Excel Templates
  • Advanced Excel Templates II
  • Advanced Layout Tools Pack
  • Advanced Lookup by Groups
  • Automatic Data Entry - From Table
  • Automatic Field Calculations
  • Automatic Web Forms
  • AutoNumbers for ACT! Records
  • Click Dialer Plugin
  • Copy Data Between Records
  • DB Plugin for Act! (Dropbox)
  • Default Lookup Field
  • E-mail Addresses Lookup
  • Evernote Plugin for Act!
  • Excel Quote-Invoice Maker
  • Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II
  • Favorites for ACT!
  • Interactive Advanced Queries
  • LayoutSwitch
  • MagicJack Plugin
  • MailChimp Plugin for ACT!
  • Multiple Activities Reschedule
  • Multiple Companies Contact Lookup
  • Navigation Bar for Companies-Groups
  • New History Window Fix
  • OneDrive Plugin for Act!
  • Purge Notes & History
  • Skype Plugin for ACT!
  • Universal Dialer Plugin for ACT!
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Knowledgeable notifications deliver on your intentions

The Knowtifier delivers on the promise of truly automated customer notifications for birthdays, anniversaries, renewal dates, maturity dates, or any type of customer notification you'd like to trigger from Act!. What's more, unlike other automation products, the Knowtifer can trigger customer emails off of both contact and custom fields within Act!, and have those email notifications merge Act! data into the emailed notifications.

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The essential Actcessory 4 integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Finally you can disable the Address book integration between Act! & Outlook that can create such system overhead. Act4outlook passively attaches all outbound Outlook email to the appropriate contact History quickly, and allows you the enhanced ability to create contacts & activities from your Outlook inbox.

Not limited to the inbox, though, Act4outlook can safely send your Outlook contacts and calendar items to Act! without fear of mass duplicates or calendar corruption. Act4outlook is designed to allow you to right-click on a contact or calendar item and simply select "Send to Act!" and have it automatically appear in your database.
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Impact Suite for act!

With the latest version of Impact Suite for ACT!, managing, enhancing, and getting more out of your Swiftpage ACT! software has never been easier! purchase $100 yearly subscription

Add-ons Included:
  • Contact, Company, Groups and Opportunities
  • Activities, Task List and Calendar Views
  • History and Notes List Views
  • Smart Notes, Tab Indicators and Math Functions
  • Unlimited Custom Tables
  • Product overview
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